sit down. let me sing you a little song……. [strums ukulele] iiiiiiiii feel rly sad about my bodyyyyyyyy 

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Your like the religious fucks. who gives two fucks if your vegan or religious keep you shit yourself


So in 2010 a United Nations stated, “As the global population surges towards a predicted 9.1 billion people by 2050, …diets rich in meat and dairy products are unsustainable.” 

that means you better learn how to cook quinoa fuckhead.




Delicious Lemon Raspberry Vegan Cheesecake

I have a need


Great video of cow who escaped a slaughterhouse and was rescued, showing her happily kicking up her heels once free at the sanctuary.  Very moving.  

Worth re-posting.

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that's stupid, free range eggs are fine.


okay. we’re going to play a game called “Shit Carnists Say” 

1. But eggs are good for you, they’re packed with lots of protein and eating eggs is good for us! 

Wrong! Eggs have been proven in a study conducted by  London’s Health Sciences Center’s University Hospital to be almost as harmful as smoking cigarettes, the Huffington Post actually put that out there in mid-2012 except no one was paying any attention. Also not to mention that eggs are known to cause huge spikes in individuals cholesterol, high cholesterol leads to things like heart attack and stroke. sorry but fuck that, no thanks.

2. But cage free and organic are cool right?

Wrong again, animals in the facilities are treated in almost the exact same way as animals in non “free-rage" facilities.

Free Range only means “access to the outside.” This could be anything from a small fucking hole in a wall to an open window in the ceiling. There are actually no federal laws in place that say how these animals have to be treated.

Organic is a misconception, the only difference between Organic eggs stolen from chickens and any other eggs is that the Chickens aren’t allowed to be fed any kind of growth hormone but they also can’t be given any antibiotics. so while these animals still suffer in the same ways as others do in factory farms when they do get sick from literally LIVING IN THEIR OWN SHIT they will NOT receive any form of veterinary care, instead they will be left to suffer and die on their own accord.

        Other things that still happen to cage free and organic chickens; 

3. If I don’t eat the eggs in my back yard they’ll just sit there and rot.

Wrong again, a hen will actually eat her own eggs if left to her own accord. The egg laying process is extremely strenuous on a female chicken, they will end up consuming their own eggs to regain the calcium lost. Lack of calcium in hens will often lead to sickness as well as painful death.

Oh and lets not forget that using animals for food is genuinely wrong and unnecessary. It’s completely cheap and efficient to live life 100% vegan, you don’t love cats, adore dogs, and eat chickens. Don’t be an asshole.

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there are more important things in life than being vegan


the world is a fucked up place, just because you want to be an apathetic fuck head doesn’t mean i’m going to. 


Minor Threat | Wilson Center, Washington D.C. | 1983


about me: i am sorry

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Oh, I can’t believe myself. I stuck around just long enough to care.
Oh, I fucking hate myself. I hate you too, and I hope you’re well aware.


This is the most perfect thing. Please watch it… It’s very important. It’s only 15 seconds long. You can spare that, I’m sure.

Still the best